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Research Project Description

NPDES Permitting
Internship Program Opportunity
Office of Water
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, DC

EPA Water 2014-322

Project Description:

A postgraduate internship project is available at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA), Office of Water, Office of Wastewater Management, in Washington, D.C. This internship will be served in the Water Permit Division, State and Regional Branch (SRB).

EPA partners with authorized states to develop, support and manage the National Permit Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program to protect and restore the nation’s waters. NPDES permits are the mechanism that implements pollution controls on point sources. SRB is primarily responsible for working with the Regions and States on the development and interpretation of the NPDES regulations. SRB focuses on areas related to shaping the direction of the national NPDES permit program; producing policies and regulations; developing technical and administrative tools to support permit issuance; tracking and managing critical information related to permit issuance, permit quality, and point source pollution abatement; overseeing the programs managed by the States and Regional offices; and providing access to information on NPDES permitting.

SRB is looking for an intern interested in being trained in NPDES permitting, specifically in NPDES program state management oversight, improving the NPDES website, and supporting the NPDES climate change initiative. S/he will be trained in the various components of the NPDES permit program; including gathering and analyzing data, drafting and reviewing technical documents and reports, and collaborating with national experts on tough issues related to permitting for pollution and on analyzing the current status of how states are implementing NPDES regulations.

Through this project, the intern will learn how data management and science informs the implementation of our national environmental laws and will become familiar with the processes and procedures used to implement national regulatory programs. S/he will have the opportunity to gain skills in some or all of the following areas: conducting research, drafting research summaries, assisting with communication and outreach efforts, and assisting with technical data management and the development of policy options.  

A team of analytical, technical and legal staff who support NPDES analysis and regulation will train the intern. S/he could also have the opportunity to participate in meetings and interact with EPA Headquarters colleagues, and communicate with EPA Regional and state staff.


Applicants should have received a master’s degree in public policy, environmental science, information technology, biology, chemistry, ecology, engineering or a closely related field within five years of the desired starting date. Experience with databases and website management is desirable.

The program is open to all qualified individuals without regard to race, sex, religion, color, age, physical or mental disability, national origin, or status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran. U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent resident status is preferred (but the applicant can also hold an appropriate visa status, however, a H1B visa is not appropriate). Guidelines for non-U.S. citizens may be found at

The appointment will initially be for one year and may be renewed up to three additional years upon EPA recommendation and subject to availability of funding. The participant will receive a monthly stipend. The annual stipend will range from $52,000 up to $59,000 based on educational level. The participant must show proof of health and medical insurance. The participant does not become an EPA employee.

Technical Questions:

The mentor for this project is Sarita Hoyt (

How to Apply:

An application can be found at Pleasereference Project # EPA Water 2014-322 when requesting information.