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Research Project Description

Science and Technology Policy Fellowship

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

DOE’s State Energy Program


Project Description:

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) State Energy Program (SEP) is seeking a fellow with experience and/or an educational background in the energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental (especially Clean Air Act) fields.  The fellow will help DOE staff with administering competitive cooperative agreements with states as well as provide substantive input on energy and environmental issues with respect to achieving the goals of these agreements. 

The mission of SEP is to provide leadership to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy through technology deployment, communications and outreach activities and access to new partnerships and resources.  Through the SEP, DOE provides formula and competitive funding assistance to states.  States use formula awards to address their energy priorities through programs and policies that accelerate adoption of emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.  DOE provides competitive awards to support policy and project developments that are highly leveraged and sustainable.


In Fiscal Year 2014, SEP made available $5 million to states for competitive awards in two Areas of Interest: (1) State Energy Planning and (2) Opportunities for Innovative Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Practices.  Applications were due from states by June 30, 2014.  DOE expects to make its selection announcement in the fall.

The fellow will assist the SEP Technical Project Officer(s) beginning in the fall of 2014 with management of the awards that will be made to states under Area of Interest 1 – State Energy Planning.  Under Area of Interest 1, DOE hopes to bolster state/regional energy planning by funding efforts to facilitate stakeholder and interagency discussions and related activities concerning (1) the future direction of the energy sector in the region/state, with emphasis on the electric power sector and natural gas supply and transport and (2) how energy efficiency and renewable energy fit into the vision for the future.  These discussions will help states explore and enhance economic development opportunities associated with promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy as part of an all-of-the-above approach, identify measures for enhancing the resiliency and reliability of energy supplies and the electric grid (energy assurance-related activities), undertake relevant analytical efforts, and plan strategically for current and future environmental regulations and other economic pressures that will have an impact on the energy sector, and conduct related activities.


Specific duties include:

  • Assist the Technical Project Officer (TPO) assigned to the Area of Interest 1 states by performing tasks such as:
  •  Ensure that projects proceed in a manner consistent with approved DOE objectives, costs and schedules.
  • Provide recommendations on technical performance, costs and schedule requirements for projects that contribute to the Program’s goal and objectives. 
  • Ensure compliant and timely reporting by grantees.
  • Establish regular communication schedule among grantees.
  • Provide expertise on environmental issues (in particular, forthcoming EPA regulations related to carbon dioxide emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired power plants) that states should consider as they implement activities under their grant.  This could include conducting research on environmental regulations and preparing research reports.
  • Conduct other activities as requested by the TPO.

Candidate background:

Successful candidates will possess knowledge of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and programs and extensive knowledge of environmental regulations, particularly those promulgated pursuant to the Clean Air Act.  Successful candidates will possess excellent writing, research and communication skills and work well in a fast-paced environment.  Experience working with state and local governments is a plus.

How to Apply:

Appication form is available at