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Research Project Description

ORNL’s computational expertise is built on a foundation of computer science, mathematics, and data science. The projects we undertake range from basic to applied research, and our ability to efficiently apply the massive computing power available at ORNL across a range of scientific disciplines sets us apart from other computing centers. We have decades of experience in developing applications to support basic science research in areas ranging from chemistry and materials science to fission and fusion, and we apply that expertise to solving problems in a number of other areas.

ORNL has a 60-year history of computing stretching from Titan, currently one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, back to ORACLE (Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine), the fastest computer in the world in 1954. Our experience in providing computational expertise and facilities to the U.S. Department of Energy affords us the in-depth understanding of computer science needed to wring the greatest scientific benefit from every dollar invested in these big machines.

The Computing and Computational Science Directorate (CCSD) at ORNL oversees ORNL’s store of computing power and its talented staff of computational scientists and mathematicians. CCSD has multiple internship openings in the fields of:

- High-Performance File Systems and Storage

- Communications Middleware

- HPC Languages and Tools (programming languages, compilers, runtimes, and tools for high-performance computers)

- Large-Scale and Data-Intensive, Collaborative, Scientific Applications

Intern responsibilities may include:

- Research, design, and implementation of software techniques for efficiently and reliably moving large data sets over long distances.

- Research, design, and implementation of software techniques for efficiently creating and accessing file system metadata.

- Research and development in the area of communication middleware for high-performance computing

- Algorithm design, software development and implementing communication libraries.

- Research, design, and implementation of language-related tools for high-performance computing.

- Interaction with large-scale scientific and technical applications to test, evaluate, and tune tools developed above.