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Securing the Golden State from threats foreign and domestic

ORISE helps California emergency planners with innovative training on state and local levels

To protect the state of California from both foreign and domestic threats, ORISE supports the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)—an agency which aims to protect lives and property by effectively preparing for, preventing, responding to, and recovering from all threats, crimes, hazards, and emergencies.

How ORISE is Making a Difference

ORISE first partnered with the state of California in 2004 when it was asked to lead planning efforts for the Golden Guardian exercise series, the largest, full-scale exercise program in the country. These efforts led to the creation of several state-wide, joint disaster response plans and today, ORISE personnel work closely with CalOES staff by engaging in policy implementation, as well as planning, training and exercise development.

Within CalOES’ Training Coordination Division, ORISE specialists help match innovative training with the pressing needs of state and local officials. As cyber threats continue to proliferate, training has become increasingly important. Over the past year, ORISE has assisted CalOES and the California Technology Agency in managing approximately $1.5 million dollars in grant funding for cyber security training and exercises for three communities within California.

Training topics included the essentials of community cyber security, cyber security exercise planning, and the Emergency Operations Center’s role in cyber security. These training modules were each provided free of charge to local agencies and most participants reported that the training helped strengthen their understanding of what constitutes an emerging threat.

ORISE has also helped conduct five events for the California Disaster Corps and Volunteer Centers aimed at strengthening coordination and integration of disaster assistance volunteers across the state.

Other work includes the development of a first-of-its–kind, regional and voluntary, mutual aid and assistance program whereby transit agencies that are experiencing a crisis situation can receive emergency aid and assistance in the form of personnel, equipment, materials, and other associated services with their fellow transit providers. ORISE has also been closely involved in the development of the Statewide Improvised Nuclear Device Response Plan. The partnership between ORISE and California is helping keep its residents safe by finding new ways to reach out to the many resources available throughout the state.

ORISE is managed by ORAU for the U.S. Department of Energy.

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