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National Security and Emergency Management

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) helps prepare the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) emergency response assets, as well as those of other federal and state agencies, by managing and conducting programs, studies, research, exercises and training.

ORISE’s national security and emergency management capabilities include:

  • Providing incident response where weapons of mass destruction and/or improvised explosive devices are involved
  • Evaluating the readiness of our country’s security assets
  • Strengthening emergency preparedness, training and response

Through ORISE’s interdisciplinary team of operations planners, technical staff, emergency management and personnel security experts, DOE¬†and other federal and state agencies are provided services that strengthen our nation’s preparedness to respond to any disaster, whether natural or man-made.

Current Career Opportunities

Ref. No. Job Title Location
14-018 Case Workflow Manager (Administrative Support Assistant 3) Lorton, VA
12-018 Medical & Tech Dir Radiation Emergency Medicine Oak Ridge, TN
5000-EOI Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Multiple Position Openings Multiple
14-023 Operations Planner 4 Arlington, VA
14-021 Operations Planner 2 Arlington, VA
14-024 Operations Planner Senior Arlington, VA
14-022 Operations Planner 3 Arlington, VA
14-020 Operations Planner 1 Arlington, VA
14-014 Case Inventory Technician Lorton, VA
14-015 Latent Print Technician Lorton, VA
14-010 Latent Print Examiner Quantico, VA
14-016 Junior Latent Print Technician Lorton, VA
14-017 IAFIS Technician Quantico, VA
14-012 Quality Assurance Specialist Lorton, VA
14-011 Latent Print Photographer Lorton, VA
13-026 Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 1 Multiple
13-025 Card Enrollment Specialist Multiple
13-027 Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 2 Multiple
13-029 Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 4 Multiple
13-028 Friction Ridge Analyst - Level 3 Multiple
13-064 Forensic Examiner 2 - Latent Print Multiple
13-065 Forensic Examiner Senior - Latent Print Multiple
13-063 Forensic Examiner 1 - Latent Print Multiple
13-021 Evidence Custodian Ft. Gillem, GA
13-023 Forensic Specialist Ft. Gillem, GA

CalOES logo

Securing the Golden State from threats foreign and domestic

To protect the state of California from both foreign and domestic threats, ORISE supports the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)—an agency which aims to protect lives and property by effectively preparing for, preventing, responding to, and recovering from all threats, crimes, hazards, and emergencies.