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ORISE partnership with CDC yields Medical Office Preparedness Planner for Primary Care Providers

The Medical Office Preparedness Planner is a tool for primary care providers (PCPs) and office managers to use to develop a pandemic influenza plan for their office, and then integrate their plan into the broader community plan. Likewise, it can also help familiarize community partners, such as public health and emergency management, with the planning, preparations and challenges facing PCP offices in the event of a pandemic. It can be tailored to any PCP office, regardless of size, location or resources.

There are four main components to the Planner: a planning calendar, a plan template, monthly workbook-style sections expanding the calendar, and a resource section. The Planner is set up to use a tab-divided system when printed.

The calendar is divided into 12 months; however, offices may choose to accelerate the process and work through the tasks in six to nine months. The planning calendar is a suggestion only, and tasks do not have to be completed in the order they are listed. The planning calendar is intended to guide offices through the process of creating a pandemic influenza plan from start to finish.

The plan template offers an alternative to the planning calendar, should an office currently have a plan in place. The plan template can also be used to quickly develop a plan, should an office choose not to follow the 12-month process outlined in the planning calendar. Twelve corresponding monthly tabs (monthly workbook-style sections) follow the plan template and provide more information about each task.

It is important to note that the Medical Office Preparedness Planner is not intended to be used during an event. It is a long-term planning tool and is expected that many of the tasks will build upon everyday plans and procedures.

Medical Office Preparedness Planner