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Resource Library of Emergency Management Topics


This library is a collection of Emergency Management Program topics developed for use in preparing emergency management briefings, orientations, and training materials.  Each topic is covered in a separate Microsoft PowerPoint file, which may be used in its entirety or revised, as needed.  Specific slides may be modified or extracted to meet site or facility-specific Emergency Management Program needs. 



This Resource Library is not all-inclusive.  More detailed information may be found in DOE Order 151.1C, Comprehensive Emergency Management System and the 151.1 Guidance series.

In all cases, the DOE Order and Emergency Management Guides should be used as the final authority for any content that appears to be in conflict with DOE guidelines.


Catalog of Topics

A General Emergency Management Introduction:

Consequence Assessment

Emergency Facilities and Equipment

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Public Information (EPI)

Emergency Response Organization (ERO)


Notifications and Communications

Offsite Response Interfaces

Operational Emergency and Categorization and Classification

Operational Emergency Base Program

Operational Emergency Hazardous Material Program

Program Administration

Protective Actions and Reentry

Readiness Assurance

Termination and Recovery

Training and Drills


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