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Emergency Response Organization
Proficiency Documentation Templates

The Training Subcommittee Core Group Objective 7 prepared three templates that may be used to document position proficiency for individual Emergency Response Organization (ERO) members.  Each template has areas marked in blue; these areas are where site-specific information may be inserted into the template to customize it.  Following is a brief explanation of the use of each of the forms:

Proficiency Review During a Drill/Exercise or Actual Event for Qualified Incumbents

This template may be used to document an individual review of performance for a currently qualified and proficient incumbent in an ERO position.  This type of review is not required by DOE Order 151.1C, nor is it recommended by the Guide, but is very useful for individual feedback for ERO members.  It may also supplement the required annual demonstration of proficiency for ERO members.

Limited Scope Performance Test for Initial or Continuing Proficiency Determination

This template may be used to determine proficiency for a new ERO member prior to initial assignment to an ERO position.  A site-specific emergency scenario may be inserted to be used during the discussion and performance topics session.  A determination of initial proficiency must be made prior to assignment to the ERO.

This template may also be used to confirm continuing proficiency for a proficient ERO member to satisfy the requirement for annual proficiency.  This may be necessary if the individual did not participate in an evaluated drill/exercise/actual event during the annual period.

Performance in a Drill/Exercise as a Position Trainee “Under Instruction”

This template may be used to document the initial proficiency of a key decision-maker position in the ERO.  For designated key positions (e.g., Emergency Director, Crisis Manager, Consequence Assessment Manager), this template should be used in lieu of the previous Limited Scope Performance Test for Initial or Continuing Proficiency Determination template.  Site-specific ERO position objectives should be inserted in this template; objectives could be from Exercise Builder or another exercise objective bank.  The trainee should perform “under instruction” in an evaluated drill/exercise with a qualified and proficient ERO position member (i.e., an Instructor-Evaluator) completing this individual evaluation and serving as the ERO member of record for the drill/exercise.  The Instructor-Evaluator provides minimal guidance or prompting (to be fully documented in the Comments sections) during this evaluation but does control the trainee from a safety standpoint.  At the end of the template, the Instructor-Evaluator makes an overall evaluation of the initial proficiency of the trainee.