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TEEL Advisory Group (TAG)

The Temporary Emergency Exposure Limit (TEEL) Advisory Group (TAG) was established in early 2004 to:

  • promote consistency in the calculation and application of TEEL and Health Code Number (HCN) values
  • provide technical support on TEEL- and HCN-related issues to the Office of Emergency Management.

The TAG is responsible for overseeing:

  • modifications to the TEEL and chemical mixtures methodologies
  • development and approval of TEEL chemical priority lists and the calculation of TEEL and HCN values
  • publication of TEEL- and HCN-related technical papers in peer reviewed journal


TAG members are appointed by the Office of Emergency Management. Members of the advisory group are:

  • Tom Tuccinardi (Chair)
  • Jayne-Anne Bond
  • Doug Craig
  • Cliff Glantz
  • Po-Yung Lu
  • Rocky Petrocchi
  • Richard Thomas
  • Xiao-Ying Yu

For issues related to the TEEL Advisory Group, contact Tom Tuccinardi.