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Biosafety Working Group (BWG)

The Biosafety Working Group (BWG) was formed in late 2004 to examine issues associated primarily with biosafety-related consequence assessment and protective actions at DOE and NNSA sites. The working group also provides a forum for the DOE Biosafety community to share concerns, ideas, and best practices on issues related to all aspects of biosafety.

To illustrate working group activities, recent activities that have been tackled or are being addressed include:

  • Work with NARAC to incorporate biosafety impact tools into the NARAC modeling suite
  • Development of a white paper on how to implement
    DOE O 151.1c for biological agents
  • Development of guidance for a graded approach to biosafety emergency response
  • Development of a list of biotoxins to be incorporated in future revisions to the PAC and CMM datasets

In March 2009, the BWG signed an alliance agreement with the American Biological Safety Association.

Additional Information

For additional information on the Biosafety Working Group, please contact Dina Siegel.

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