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February 2004

SCAPA would like to extend a special “thank you” to Doan Hansen for designing and maintaining the original SCAPA Web site and to Chris Weaver (BNL) for providing assistance in transitioning the Web site from BNL to ORAU.

SCAPA members are invited to attend the 2004 SCAPA meeting to be held in conjunction with the 2004 EMI SIG Meeting. The EMI SIG meeting will be at the Wyndham Washington Hotel in Washington, D.C. on May 3-6.

Any comments users have about the new Web site and its content are welcome. Your suggestions on how to improve the Web site, contributions of new material and corrections are welcome. Please feel free to contact Cliff Glantz or Carl Mazzola (current contact information is provided on the Web site’s Contacts page).

SCAPA is pleased to unveil its new Web site. The Web site is being hosted by our colleagues at Oak Ridge Associated Universities (Dorothy Cohen is our principle technical contact). The new Web site replicates most (if not all) of the technical content of the old SCAPA Web site. Additional features found on the new Web site include the introduction of SCAPA news features (including meeting announcements and reports on past SCAPA meetings), the introduction of a new consequence assessment modeling toolbox, and an acronyms list. The modern look and structure of the new Web site should help new users quickly retrieve desired information. Technical content of the new Web site has been provided by Cliff Glantz, Carl Mazzola, and other SCAPA members.