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Name of Group

Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG) Hazards Assessment Subcommittee (HASC)


  • Provide a forum to facilitate sharing Hazards Assessment information, findings, and good practices;
  • Provide an infrastructure for disseminating detailed technical methodologies, information, and hazards assessment (HA) tools to reduce unnecessary duplication of HA effort and costs across the DOE/NNSA complex; and
  • Monitor feedback to promote continuous improvement in emergency planning activities complex-wide.


The HASC will achieve its purpose through the use of:

  • The HASC Web page
  • The HASC listserv
  • The EMI SIG Spring Meeting
  • HASC meetings
  • HASC products/tools


The HASC will be composed of EMI SIG members including both DOE/NNSA contractor personnel representing a cross-section of the DOE Emergency Management community.


Leadership of the HASC will come from the Chair of the HASC and the Co-chair in the absence of the Chair. He/she will act and/or report on behalf of the group. The Chair will be responsible for ensuring that progress on group activities is made at a predetermined pace and that deliverables are completed on time and as specified by the group.

Advisors to the HASC will come from the DOE Office of Emergency Management, the EMI SIG Steering Committee, and other related groups such as SCAPA. The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) will provide coordination support for the group.

Task Groups

Groups will be established to address specific issues or develop products as identified by the HASC.