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DOE Order 151.1c

Now that DOE Order 151.1c is approved and ready for use, you may have questions or need clarification. Perhaps, you may be confused and not sure what was meant.

Send us your questions, and we'll give you the interpretation.

Contact Information

Bill Froh
U.S. Department of Energy, NNSA
DOE HQ Office of Emergency Management and Policy

Program Elements

Hazards Survey/Hazards Assessment (Technical Planning Basis) (New Posting 03/07/2013)

Program Administration (New Posting 03/07/2013)

Training and Drills


Readiness Assurance (New Posting 03/07/2013)

Emergency Response Organization

Offsite Response Interfaces

Emergency Facilities and Equipment

Categorization and Classification

Notifications and Communications

Consequence Assessment

Protective Actions and Reentry

Emergency Medical Support

Emergency Public Information

Termination and Recovery