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The DOE Meteorological Coordinating Council (DMCC) assists in coordinating the operational meteorological programs at all DOE/NNSA sites and encourages meteorological research to enhance these programs. Its objectives include promoting cost-effective, meteorological support programs; facilitating the use of common methods, procedures, and standards; and planning for future needs, requirements, and missions.

The overarching mission of the DMCC is to effectively coordinate meteorological programs at all DOE/NNSA sites to avoid duplication of effort and to maximize procurement and operational frugality.

The DMCC objectives are:

  • Promote cost-effective support for all DOE/NNSA facilities;
  • Facilitate the use of common methods, procedures, and standards;
  • Plan for future needs, requirements, and missions; and
  • Advocate awareness of atmospheric science applications and benefits to DOE.

The DMCC accomplishes its objectives by using the following methods:

  • Encourage interchange of technical information between DOE/NNSA offices;
  • Foster the development of atmospheric monitoring equipment and systems;
  • Acquire and disseminate atmospheric data products to meet Environmental Safety and Health and emergency preparedness and response requirements;
  • Promote consistency of monitoring and assessment products and services;
  • Interface with appropriate agencies, academia, and professional organizations;
  • Make recommendations on equipment procurements, replacements, and modifications to benefit DOE/NNSA operations;
  • Develop American Nuclear Society (ANS) and ASTM voluntary consensus standards associated with in situ and remote sensing meteorological monitoring and atmospheric transport and diffusion modeling; and
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance to foster cooperation and research among the DOE/NNSA meteorological programs.

The DMCC core group consists of representatives from several DOE/NNSA organizations and from many DOE/NNSA sites. Walt Schalk (Nevada National Security Site) has been the DMCC Chairman since August 2006. Dr. Darryl Randerson held that position from December 1994 - July 2006.