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Job Description

Postdoctoral Research Associate Level 2



Functional Responsibility: Performs scientific research and/or technical support activities in collaboration with other researchers and under the guidance of a principal investigator at the host facility. Should possess excellent analytical and organizational skills and the ability to speak in front of large audiences. 


Ph.D. and/or M.D. in a field of interest to the federal sponsor, or be able to show verification of receipt of the degree before the appointment start date, or an equivalent combination of education and experience in research, development, or associated fields. Requires specialized skills and related experience in a field of interest to the federal sponsor. Requires an in-depth knowledge of the principles and methods of a professional field, scientific field, or recognized body of formal knowledge. Requires the skills needed to develop alternatives and solutions that are based on general guidelines, procedures, and protocols at the host facility. Expected to have a record of peer-reviewed publications.