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Job Description

Operations Planner Senior



PURPOSE: To apply advanced technical and operational expertise to unusually complex problems in the field of Federal preparedness including, but not limited to, preparedness for terrorist attacks involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) threats. The incumbent performs key tasks for Federal Agencies such as; developing exercises, writing plans, coordinating training, managing intelligence and, in certain cases, responding as part of Federal capabilities.




  • Lead the development of exercises to test federal preparedness. These exercises involve technical, operational, and policy issues which require a high degree of understanding by the incumbent. The work involves close coordination with representatives from Federal, State, and local organizations and an understanding of the authorities of each.

  • Prepare briefings on upcoming exercises or operations including key elements of information required by departmental officials.

  • Coordinate preparedness activities as part of larger event management. Specifically, plan training, exercises, policy development, and rehearsals to ensure successful performance during national level events.

  • Prepare reports to communicate shortfalls in the federal capabilities. The process involves intensive research, documentation, interviews, and broad understanding of the issues at hand.

  • Provide advice and recommendations on written plans and procedures to improve the department's performance of its mission.

  • Surge to support personnel requirements in various Nation Security and Emergency Management (NSEM) programs on a temporary basis to include being detailed to off-site locations.

  • Assume other operational duties as required. A challenging component of this position involves responding to fast moving requirements that are new and unexpected. It will be important to maintain situational awareness in order to respond quickly to the dynamics of an ever-changing national security mission.



Bachelor's degree in National Security, Government or International Affairs or related discipline and minimum of 13 years of experience. Must have extensive experience in Homeland Security policy and operations and interagency responsibilities regarding emergency operations. Must have extensive field and national level experience as an emergency response advisor and be proficient at both planning and conducting a variety of counterterrorism and consequence management operational training events and exercises. Senior leadership experience in Homeland Security Policy or military Joint Staff is desirable. Advanced technical knowledge of the threat to National Security posed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the ability of the United States or State Governments to deal with the threat through intelligence collection, technical detection, interdiction and tactical/technical or first responder actions. Must be intimately familiar with the workings of the supported agency and the interagency counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, and consequence management communities and their associated programs. Must represent the best interests of the supported agency within that agency's organization and within the scope of interagency coordination. Must be experienced in crisis and consequence management, be able to make sound judgments and provide expert advice under pressure with consideration to technical, tactical, diplomatic and political risks. Must be able to communicate clearly, confidently, and credibly. Ability to obtain and maintain DOE Q clearance.