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Job Description

Friction Ridge Analyst – Level 4

PURPOSE: To perform complex examinations in preparing, searching, retrieving, comparing, analyzing and evaluating fingerprints using both automated tools as well as manual methodologies to make a determination of fingerprint matches


  • Identify/report data errors and take appropriate corrective actions

  • Conduct special fingerprint examination services

  • Support want and warrant pages

  • Support special projects with fingerprint examination services

  • Provide information for various reports. Prepare reports as needed

  • Provide quality assurance support for fingerprint decisions

  • Provide court testimony

  • As a lead worker may assist in the general scheduling and coordination of shift work

  • Perform other directly related duties as assigned



A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university/college or equivalent experience (two [2] years work experience equivalent to one [1] year post-secondary education) fingerprint comparison and analysis experience; and six (6) – seven (7) years of experience performing the essential job function of a Friction Ridge Analyst at Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3; or four (4) years recent experience as a latent print examiner in a government agency. Prefer experience working with automated fingerprint identification systems and comparison verification tools. Prefer candidate to possess current “Certified Ten Print Examiner” certification with the International Association for Identification or “Certified Latent Print Examiner” certification. Successful completion of competency examination is required. Successful completion of a DHS C6 Public Integrity background investigation is required.